Part 2 to how to initiate conversations

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The pandemic has separated the world in two distinct crowds; the ones immersed in the gig economy and already using the internet as a place for work and then there is the rest of us. The ones completely caught off guard and putting networking on hold. We retreated to working at home in a new environment, waiting for the chaos to die down and shake hands again. I am sure we became more comfortable reaching out via online mediums, but I still wanted to share a few tips and some do’s and dont’s

Making conversations is an art that can be practiced and refined

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Since our lives moved online, I have been aggressively sending emails and messages via social media for various purposes. Like a lot of you. Except I develop a paranoia about having my name out there and changed my name overnight on social media. In my usual quirky style, I created an alter ego based on a nickname I had as a child and my love for King Kong (yes, the fictional character, do not probe further, blame it on zoom fatigue). I woke up to a flurry of private…

Lessons from someone who has moved to three different countries

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Less than a month ago, I moved to Canada. While I am still in a transition phase, I have amazed myself at how effortlessly am going through the motions of easing into a new life. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself and also remind myself that I flew more than halfway across the world during a pandemic to get here. So, true to my nature, I did some self-digging and it dawned on me that there are two reasons why this move seems like an easier process than what I…

The new stock exchange looks like a promising disruptor

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The Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), created by the ‘Lean Start-up’ author, Eric Riles, launched in early September this year. The LTSE has all the right attributes to be a catalyst for change. On its website, it defines itself as a public market option for companies and investors who share a long-term vision.

This definitely brings a breath of fresh air in a financial world founded on capitalism and geared towards short-term profit at the expense of the stakeholders and the larger world. The founding principle of finance is to maximise shareholder’s…

Our current schooling systems leaves us exposed in a world that needs more entrepreneurs

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Schooling has many benefits but it does not provide a foundation for setting out on an entrepreneurship journey. Everything is structured, from kindergarten to college. For the first twenty plus years of our lives, we know of a stability and a well-defined (so we thought) future that supposedly prepares us to get into the jungle that is the working world. Except we suddenly find ourselves in an abyss, released in a chaotic world and perhaps disillusioned that we were absolutely not prepared for it. …

Using the power of words to enhance your entrepreneurial mindset

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Your one thing

The best way to get yourself unstuck on your entrepreneurial journey is to simplify the process and gain clarity. Easier said than done. To be able to distil from your slightly hazy mass of aspirations, dreams and goals and extract the essential is not an easy feat. But it is doable. In his bestselling book, the One Thing, Gary Keller found that the key to extraordinary results is the ability to define your one thing. This allows you to reclaim your focus on your vision and sweep away distractions.

It is a fabulous book and I would suggest it for…

Tips to tackle the mental challenges as a budding entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, this is what everyone I talk to says to me. It is too early to decide whether I have the mettle to be an entrepreneur or not, but I can assure you entrepreneur’s anxiety is real.

Imagine this: you venture out of your comfort zone and jumped into an abyss, having a rough idea of what you want to do but at the same time keep encountering unknown after unknown. …

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Overthinking is to think about something too much or for too long, it is an excess focus on a certain subject or concern. As Tony Robbins says, “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life”

But what if what you are holding onto something that it holding you back? The thoughts in our mind need to be channelled by questioning and reframing the premise.

Are you really overthinking?

Before you start beating yourself about overthinking, ask yourself if it is really that bad. Adding the prefix ‘over’ or ‘under’ to anything is in…

My take on rising human intelligence and technology

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In the past 100 years, standardized tests for IQ have been improving. In short, we are smarter than our ancestors, mostly supported by, if not dependent on, technological advancements. The Flynn effect, named after intelligence researcher James Flynn, a professor of the University of Otago in New Zealand, concluded that humans have gained around three extra IQ points per decade. Flynn and his teammates have found that the new generations around the world score higher on the old tests than the original test takers did. They also indicate that rising IQ scores are due to advancements in modern environments.


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At any point in time, we are either embracing the present moment or escaping from reality. To go further in the thought process, there are two things we are running away from: emotions or thoughts. Either our mind and body is in balance or our flight or fight response comes into play. Living in the present does not only refer to sitting cross-legged on the top of a mountain and taking deep breaths. It could of course mean meditation, but it is in general the focus of your attention on the matter at heart. It could mean spending quality time…


Financial analyst by profession, curious by nature. Avid reader and amateur writer. I write about business, life and personal development.

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